Pinar Zubaroglu is a four-year doctoral student (ABD) and an adjunct faculty at Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service in New York. She is originally from Turkey. She studied social work at Hacettepe University School of Social Work in Ankara, Turkey, and worked in a state’s hospital as a case manager after her graduation.

Observing the challenges in practice due to the gaps in the program and policy implementations, Pinar decided to practice in macro level social work; learn how policies are designed and could be changed. Then, she came to the U.S. to do master’s and doctoral degree earning a scholarship from Turkish Government Ministry of Education. She received her MSW from Columbia University.

Since she started her doctoral program at Fordham, Pinar taught social work research methods and statistics and policy II courses. She has been working as research assistant at Fordham since 2012. For the past 4 years, she worked on different studies on the relocation process of Haitian people coming from Dominican Republic; labor force assessment of youth capacity for employment in Haiti and employers’ expectations; and evaluation of impact of an international social work teaching model on student’s self-efficacy.  Starting in 2014, Pinar was part of a research team studying the impact of displacement of women in Haiti, and the effectiveness of relocation programs. Building on that research, in 2015, she was granted Generation Jobless award by International House and Ford Foundation to implement Job Training Connection Project addressing the youth unemployment in Haiti. Currently, Pinar is working on her dissertation, which focuses on the effect of US resettlement policies on women refugees.