E-mail: jnb2143@columbia.edu

As Chief Operating Officer at Accion East, Neil leads, coaches, and develops vital staff within the departments of client support, underwriting, asset recovery, and information technology. In these roles he examines financials, products, policies, insurance, and loan repayment to ensure the security of the Accion East loan portfolio and the viability of operations through sound fiscal management. He oversees the improvement of the Accion East lending and client support process by incorporating IT solutions and working to expand access to information across the organization. Neil promotes a culture of self-improvement within the operating departments of Accion East by placing value on measurable performance that is coupled with continuous learning goals and immediate feedback.

He is a graduate of Milano – The New School in New York City with a Master’s degree in Non-Profit Management. He has also spent two years in Honduras serving with the US Peace Corps, and previous to that, graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in 2003.