Megan Crowe-Rothstein is the Director of Social Work at the Urban Justice Center Mental Health Project. She leads the social work practice in individual client advocacy and interdisciplinary collaboration on civil legal issues for adults who are living with mental illness and are low income or poor. Over the past year, Megan has coordinated research on mental health and reentry that aims to understand people’s experiences and recommendations about the mental health discharge planning and community-based services in New York. Megan has also coordinated several workshop series for people with mental illness around benefits, community resources, and advocacy skills. Through these projects, Megan works with her colleagues to provide high quality representation and connection to services for individuals while striving towards a more inclusive and equitable society for people with mental illness who experience homelessness, poverty and/or incarceration.

Megan is an active member of the NYC Jails Action Coalition, the Campaign for Alternatives to Isolated Confinement, and Mental Health Alternatives to Isolated Confinement. These coalitions strive to stop torture in the form of solitary confinement in New York jails and prisons and address the interrelated issues of brutality, inadequate services, and lack of transparency, as well as the overarching racism and inhumanity of the criminal injustice system. Megan is also on the steering committee of the New York State Prisoner Justice Network.

Previously, Megan was a social worker in the Criminal Defense Practice at the Bronx Defenders. She also worked in Monterrey, Mexico with the Open Society Justice Initiative focusing on program development and capacity building to facilitate a reduction of pretrial detention in light of recent criminal justice reforms. Megan received a Masters in Social Work degree from Columbia University.