E-mail: lie2102@columbia.edu

Ms. Linda Embry currently directs mental health services for the Educational Alliance, an agency which serves young children through older adults in lower Manhattan.

Ms. Embry’s work expertise is in the areas of direct clinical practice, clinical and administrative supervision, and program development.  Her clinical practice and supervision have focused on work with children and families in outpatient treatment, child welfare and residential treatment. She has developed and restructured outpatient mental health and child welfare programs.  Ms. Embry developed innovative programming and co-founded a city wide roundtable for the treatment of adolescents and families dealing with trauma and sexual abuse.  By partnering with state agencies, hospital and university researchers, Ms. Embry has brought evidenced-based programming to her work in areas of parent engagement, parent child attachment, child disruptive behavior, and childhood sexual abuse and trauma.

She received her bachelors degree from the University of California at Los Angeles and her master’s degree from University of Southern California.