Kay Johnson obtained her MSW in 1986 from Columbia University and began working with traumatized homeless families and individuals as a clinician, supervisor, and director.  She started up and was director of a substance abuse treatment program within a Tier II Shelter in the South Bronx for homeless women and their children; started up and directed a mental health clinic in the Times Square area serving street youth, traumatized individuals and families; was a senior clinician at the Crime Victims Treatment Center and participated in a research project for survivors who are HIV + and survivors with substance abuse disorders.

Johnson has worked with Dr. Lisa Najavits since 1997, doing extensive research within the VA and community-based organizations as well as publishing on treatment for PTSD and addictive disorders (substance abuse and gambling).

Johnson currently provides training and supervision for programs across the United States and Canada to increase staff capacity to work effectively with trauma and co-occurring disorders in an integrated way.  She is a clinician in private practice and supervises at the Trauma Center at JRI in Brookline, MA (a Center on the forefront of providing treatment and conducting research on trauma). She has taught practice classes at CSSW since 2007.