Josie Torielli is a clinical social worker and social justice activist who occasionally implores her co-workers to “dance it out” with her to relieve stress. She is a comically bad dancer. Josie currently works with the NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault, where she directs the Training Institute and Direct Service programs and dreams of a world free of gender-based violence. When she’s not at work, you can usually find her watching reality television, eating ice cream, and answering the question “why” for the gazillionth time (she has young children).

An important component of her work includes mind-body healing for both clients and fellow practitioners, via the use of mindfulness techniques. Of particular interest is trauma work with communities, activism, supervision, development of professional self, and recognition of vicarious trauma. Josie earned her BA from Syracuse University, her MSSW from Columbia University, and has completed post-graduate training in Advanced Trauma Treatment and EMDR. Prior experience includes work with the Training Institute for Mental Health, Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy, Aldea Counseling Services, New York Presbyterian Hospital, Safe Horizon and The Long Island College Hospital, all focusing on trauma-informed treatment.