Jamie Greenfield has maintained a private practice for over 25 years concentrating on adults and couples in the LGBTQ and intersex communities. Her use of affirmative treatment is in response to this population’s still vulnerable place in society. She uses a relational perspective in long-term psychodynamic psychotherapy. Over the years, Ms. Greenfield has been interested in the changing demands from both the professional and LGBT communities regarding therapist self-disclosure.

In both private and agency practice, Ms. Greenfield has counseled individuals, couples and families living with HIV. As HIV shifted from a terminal to a chronic illness, so did the clinical treatment issues move beyond those of bereavement, disability and isolation. Ms. Greenfield has counseled individuals, couples, families and groups leaving behind their fundamentalist religious communities for the secular world. The similarities to the LGBTQ population are evident: both groups may require support as they “come out,” facing societal stigma, family estrangement.

An adjunct lecturer at CSSW since 2011, Ms. Greenfield developed the curriculum for the course Advanced Clinical Practice with LGBTQ Individuals and Couples. She has taught Foundations of Social Work Practice, Direct Practice with Individuals, Families and Groups. In 2016, Ms. Greenfield served as an advisor for students in the 16-month and Advanced Standing programs.

Ms. Greenfield received her BA from the State University at Stony Brook, her MSW from New York University and a Certificate in Individual Treatment from the Post-Masters Program in Advanced Clinical Social Work from the Hunter College School of Social Work.