Frederick Shack joined Urban Pathways in January 2005 as Executive Director. Under his direction, and in support of the Mayor’s plan to reduce homeless by two-thirds, the organization is working to create 200 new units of affordable, supportive housing for special needs, formerly homeless adults.

Shack is a founding member of the Tier II Coalition and served on the steering committee until the Coalition was incorporated, after which, me was elected Vice President and served a member of the policy committee.  Subsequently he was elected President of the Coalition and served as an advisor to the committee responsible for the creation of ASPHA. While President, Shack worked with the leadership at ASPHA to strengthen the collaboration between the two organizations, resulting in a merged organization – The Council of Homeless Services and Policies.

Prior to Urban Pathways, Shack spent 14 years at HELP USA. His last position at HELP was Senior Vice President of Client Services and Public Policy. Shack holds a Master’s degree in social work and a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from Rutgers University. He is a member of the Boards of the Council on Homeless Policies and Services, The Coalition of Voluntary Mental Health Agencies, and the Human Services Council of New York and is an adjunct Assistant Professor at the Columbia School of Social Work and serves as a member of the Community Research Advisory Board for the Social Intervention Group at the Columbia School of Social Work.