Dr. Hafiz has over 35 years of experience in teaching, facilitating groups and coaching professionals in education, social service, business, health and government organizations, as well as organizing and inspiring local communities struggling with racial, economic and social justice issues. She has taught numerous courses and facilitated over 200 workshops focused on community engagement, intergroup dialogue, social justice, and multicultural competency development. She is primarily interested in enhancing the emotional intelligence and capacity of human service providers to deliver social supports in a transformative way to diverse groups.

Fatima’s teaching record is quite extensive, having taught on the graduate and undergraduate levels at Temple University, University of Pennsylvania and Brooklyn College. Dr. Hafiz has continuously used social, political and economic history as context for teaching education from a human development lens. Throughout her teaching practice, social welfare policy has been the unifying thread for analyzing and developing student’s capacity to use a critical evaluation lens to understand human behavior in the social environment.

On the graduate level she has taught Theory of Education, Education and Social Policy Research, University-School Community Partnerships, Diversity and Inclusion, Introduction to Research Design and Methods, Collaborative Planning and Teaching in Urban Schools, Field Seminars, and Introduction to Urban Education Policy. On the undergraduate level she has taught Service Learning, Education, Schooling and the Individual in American Society, Socio-Cultural Foundations of Education, and Education for Liberation.

Fatima has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Seton Hall University, a Master of Arts in Urban Education from Temple University, and a Doctorate in the Philosophy of Education from Temple University.