Elizabeth is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Adjunct Faculty teaching in the Columbia University School of Social Work and the Smith College School for Social Work. She is currently a PhD candidate at Smith College School for Social Work where her research focuses on integrating body-mind practices with evidenced-based clinical interventions. Elizabeth has 12 years of clinical experience working with complex trauma, dual diagnosis, and crisis response. Most recently, she worked as a clinical supervisor for a community mental health agency.

Elizabeth is passionate about integrating clinical work with classroom learning, and is motivated by the potential for social justice and personal growth that is one foundation of social work learning. Elizabeth is also passionate about psychophysiology as one path towards integration and trauma healing. She is a Certified Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, teaching assistant at both beginning and intermediate levels, and training coordinator through the Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Institute. Elizabeth also teaches on integrating body-based modalities into clinical supervision models and self-care and community-care models for social justice activists. Elizabeth is passionate about body-based trauma healing as a path towards the realization of greater coherence and aliveness- both individually and collectively. She holds this work as an opportunity for knowing a more peaceful coexistence with one another and with our planet.