Douglas J. Warn, LCSW-R, is a clinical social worker and psychotherapist.  A graduate of Syracuse University (Higher and Adult Education) and New York University (Social Work), he is presently the Director of Training with Project Renewal, a non-profit social services agency dedicated to serving New York City’s homeless. He provides clinical consultation, supervision and training throughout the agency.  He also served as Project Renewal’s Clinical Director of Addiction Services, overseeing a continuum of addiction treatment services:  a non-medical detoxification program, a medically supervised detoxification program, prevention services, outpatient treatment, and a residential work program.

Mr. Warn has extensive clinical experience with addiction treatment, dual diagnosis treatment, and treatment for cognitive impairments.  He is committed to clinical training and education: he is affiliated with the metropolitan region’s Schools of Social Work, providing field training for Master’s level social work students and clinical training experiences for Masters’ level Occupational Therapy interns with Columbia University’s Division of Occupational Therapy.  He has presented at numerous clinical conferences on a variety of topics:  i.e., cognitive impairment and its impact of the provision of clinical services, group therapies for dually diagnosed clients, homelessness and addiction, and others.