E-mail: amh2@columbia.edu

Anna M. Hedrick teaches AGPP Seminar in Field Instruction and Foundations of Social Work Practice at the Columbia University School of Social Work (CUSSW). In addition to her teaching, she has served as a CUSSW Field Instructor and Field Advisor. She received an MS in Social Work from CUSSW in 1982.

Upon receiving her master’s degree Ms. Hedrick pursued a career in program development in the EAP field. She served as the Deputy Director of NYC Department of Transportation EAP for ten years, heading up the training and organizational development component. Major projects included “Work and family life” programs, supervisory and managerial staff development, organizational change, stress prevention, and conflict management training. Ms. Hedrick then assumed the position of Deputy Director of the city-wide Employee Assistance Program, where she developed a Trauma Intervention Program for non-uniformed city employees assaulted in the line-of-duty. For this multi-faceted treatment, advocacy, and disability management program, she received the Sloan Public Service Award in 1997.

She has also worked on major applied research projects at St. John’s University Psychology Department, developing and conducting stress, anger, and conflict management treatment protocols for victims of abuse and women with AIDS. Ms. Hedrick is also engaged in private clinical practice, specializing in the treatment of affective and personality disorders, learning and attention deficit disorders, and PTSD.