Adjunct Faculty

Janet Abbott Lecturer
Heidi Arthur Lecturer
Sean Basinski Adjunct Assistant Professor
Cindy M. Bautista-Thomas Lecturer
Richard Beck Lecturer
Peter Beitchman Assistant Professor
Joan Bell Lecturer
Elana Berman Lecturer
Neil Boss Lecturer
Kathy Boudin Lecturer
Desiree Bunch Lecturer
Daniel Bustillo Preceptor
William Cabin Assistant Professor
Paul Cavanagh Adjunct Assistant Professor
Helaine Ciporen Lecturer
Gary Clark Lecturer
Kathleen Clougherty Professor
Liza Cooper Lecturer
Monica Copeland Lecturer
Megan Crowe-Rothstein Lecturer
Moira Curtain Lecturer
Elenor Denker Adjunct Assistant Professor
Kalima DeSuze Lecturer
Jeffrey E. Diaz Professor
Mary Ann Drury Lecturer
Linda Embry Lecturer
Richard Embry Assistant Professor
Martin Englisher Lecturer
Rudy Estrada Lecturer
Joshua Estrin Lecturer
Matthew Feldman Assistant Professor
Prudence Fisher Assistant Professor
Saroya Friedman-Gonzalez Lecturer
Molly Freyer Lecturer
Michael Friedman Associate Professor
Teresa Gardian Professor
Myrtho Gardiner Lecturer
Gabrielle Gilliam Lecturer
Melanie Graham Lecturer
Jamie Greenfield Lecturer
Karen Granby Lecturer
Alirio Guerrero Adjunct Lecturer
Anita Gundanna Preceptor
Lisa Haileselassie Lecturer
Mary Hanrahan Lecturer
Richard Hara Adjunct Assistant Professor
Sarah Harte Lecturer
Carolina Hausmann-Stabile Adjunct Assistant Professor
Anna Hedrick Senior Lecturer
John Herron Lecturer
Leona Hess Preceptor
Trelan Holder Lecturer
Heidi Horsley Assistant Professor
Andres Hoyos Lecturer
Timothy Hunt Preceptor
Kirk James Adjunct Assistant Professor
Pascale Jean-Noel Lecturer
Richard Johnson Assistant Professor
Marybeth Jordan Lecturer
Marina Kaneti Lecturer
Eva Kant Lecturer
Daniel Kaplan Adjunct Assistant Professor
Jeffrey Karaban Lecturer
Edith Kealey Adjunct Assistant Professor
Jessica Kehayes Lecturer
Allen Levine Lecturer
Susan Lob Lecturer
Keren Ludwig Lecturer
Arthur Lynch Professor
Marisa Mabli Professor
Jarron Magallanes Lecturer
John Maltby Adjunct Professor
Ilene Margolin Lecturer
Sheila Matlin Lecturer
Sue Matorin Associate Professor
Lucia McBee Lecturer
Lori McNeil Adjunct Assistant Professor
Donald McVinney Preceptor
Fiona Mincy Assistant Professor
Aizhan Mitteldorf Lecturer
Kerry Moles Lecturer
Yesika Montoya Lecturer
Lorna Morgan Lecturer
Zerandrian Morris Lecturer
Tamarah Moss-Knight Adjunct Assistant Professor
Onaje Muid Lecturer
Eric Nicklas Lecturer
Eri Noguchi Assistant Professor
Amelia Ortega Lecturer
Ipshita Pal Preceptor
Jennifer Parrish Assistant Professor
Natasha Pilkauskas Adjunct Assistant Professor
Stephen Pimpare Associate Professor
Lorraine Mary Pirro Lecturer
Grace Protos Lecturer
Constance Quinn Assistant Professor
Mary Ragan Assistant Professor
Rahbel Rahman Assistant Professor
Markus Redding Assistant Professor
Daniel Reingold Assistant Professor
Sarah Reynolds Assistant Professor
Nancy Ring Lecturer
Julie Kim Richards Lecturer
John G. Robertson Professor
Adriana Rodriguez Lecturer
Raymond Rodriguez Lecturer
David Rosenthal Assistant Professor
Allison Ross Lecturer
Jeannette Ruffins Lecturer
Nathaly Rubio-Torio Lecturer
Yasmin Safdie Lecturer
Jennifer Samimi-Luu Preceptor
Bright Sarfo Preceptor
Harry Schiffman Lecturer
Gloria Scott Lecturer
Beth Scullin Lecturer
Mike Selick Lecturer
Priya Seshan Lecturer
Frederick Shack Lecturer
Tamar Shapiro Lecturer
Joyce Shim Adjunct Assistant Professor
Catherine Shugrue dos Santos Lecturer
Erik Shumar Adjunct Assistant Professor
Beth Silverman-Yam Associate Professor
Sue Simring Associate Professor
Carla Smith Adjunct Assistant Professor
Jacquelyn Smith Lecturer
Jerry Streets Adjunct Associate Professor
I-Hsing Sun Lecturer
Franklin Swayne Lecturer
Lauren Taylor Lecturer
Duke Terrell Assistant Professor
Joanne Toran Lecturer
Nancy Turret Lecturer
Renata Turetsky Preceptor
Shellae Versey Adjunct Assistant Professor
Adam Viera Lecturer
Julia Shu-Huah Wang Preceptor
Douglas J. Warn Lecturer
Jennifer Warner Lecturer
Amy Werman Assistant Professor
Kimberly Westcott Adjunct Assistant Professor
Cheryl Wilkins Research Scientist
Christine Theuma Wilkins Adjunct Assistant Professor
Andrea B. Williams Assistant Professor
Christopher Williams Lecturer
Kimberly Williams Lecturer
Ovita Williams Lecturer
Shelly Wimpfheimer Assistant Professor
Dina Wizmur Lecturer
Mimi Woods Adjunct Assistant Professor
Sonali Zoracki Lecturer

Adjunct Administrators

Jenny Crawford  
Louisa Gilbert  


  • Mimi Woods


    Lemeekque T. Woods (Mimi) is a School Social Worker at Passages Academy with the New York City Department of Education, serving students in the juvenile justice system. In her role, Ms. Woods provides mandated and non-mandated counseling, trauma support, social history assessments for IEP’s, crisis intervention, mental health and community referrals, and develops a host of projects/programs, counseling curriculums, events, and workshops to support the socio-emotional and academic success of the students she serves. She is also a faculty member at the College of New Rochelle-Brooklyn campus.

    Ms. Woods has recently founded her own private consulting therapeutic practice, #TheMsWoodsyProject, which focuses on creating a space where individuals can focus on their personal, spiritual, mental, and professional needs by using short-term therapy techniques. In addition, she is committed to the development of two personal social media initiatives “Love First” and “Something for the People” that focuses on mental health and community organizing.

    Ms. Woods is actively involved in the community and serves as an active member in Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated- New York Alumnae Chapter, the Association of Black Social Workers-New York Chapter, Forces of Nature Dance Theatre Company, and her home church.

    Ms. Woods received her BA and MA in Social Science from Binghamton University and her MSW from Columbia University School of Social Work with a focus on family, youth, and children. Ms. Woods also has intensive training with the Ackerman Family Institute.

    Her motto: “You can’t lead the people, if you don’t love the people. You can’t serve the people, if you don’t know the people!”-Cornel West