If you have not passed the statistics waiver exam, you must complete and pass T6505 Intro to Statistics, a 0-credit, 5-week online course.

  • The course is offered in August for Advanced Standing students and during the Fall and Spring terms for Two-year, Extended, and Reduced Residency students. Dates TBA.
  • All students can take the course during August; but unless they are Advanced Standing, they must pay the costs of the course out of their pockets, owing to their not having their financing packages in place until the Fall Term.
  • A $450 fee is attached to the class, which is charged in addition to your tuition.
  • If you are required to take T6505 Intro to Statistics, you MUST complete this course during your FIRST semester of matriculation at the School.

To enroll in the T6505 Intro to Statistics course, contact the CSSW Admissions Office at cssw-admit@columbia.edu.